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Eight carefully blended ingredients are used in the creation

of Parakeet gin. The elegantly simple number of botanicals

are carefully sourced from around the world and include:

Cinnamon, Anise and Nutmeg with the various elements

combining to deliver a flavour that is mysteriously smooth

       yet exotic, revealing heritage and craftmanship

               with every sip.

coriander nutmeg cloves anise orange zest cardamom cinnamon juniper berries

Parakeet Gin has been awarded:


 - Gold Medal at The Gin Masters 2021

    (Super Premium section)


- Silver Medal at the 2022 IWSC competition

    (91 points)


The branD

An authentic Amsterdam legend, Parakeet gin embraces the Dutch and British origins of gin with the rich influences other parts of the world have had on both countries.


In the spirit of welcoming exotic influences, we drew inspirationfrom a relatively new arrival to the city - the green parakeet. These cheeky birds add exotic splashes of colour to Amsterdam skies and Parakeet gin aims to bring the same joy,

excitement and thrill of freedom shown by nature.


In 2021 Parakeet Gin was awarded the

Gold medal at The Gin Masters 2021 in the Super Premium section.


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